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Fabric is at the heart of design. V.SPECIAL offers
extraordinary fabric for extraordinary homes. Timely and
timeless, more than one thousand choices have been
individually selected and collectively perfected. Couturier
fabrics always command attention — the documentary
fabrics often a year in development, the requisite imports
from boutique mills the world over, and the personal
favorites of our own guest designers. We supplement
these fabrics with a number of correlating fabrics that
allows for scheming a room with ease.

V.SPECIAL fabrics, so discerning that half are exclusive,
making every vision your own, we complements these
fabrics with more than 100 optional trims. There are cords,
fringes, gimps and bullions for every style and any vision —
this is a place for imagination. Old World handwork with

detail and daring in equal measure.

chairman of the board


Founded in 1996 in the Arab Republic of Egypt and Saudi Arabia, the company has chosen to supply the website, space and astronomy. The company decided to open branches in Saudi Arabia for the supply of furniture, fabrics and accessories.

As the Chairman of the Board of Directors analyzed the markets of the competitors, the company resorted to developing the pendulum for hotel supplies and the price of work on designs and administrative fees

During the period of study of international companies 2016/2017, the design of all hotels within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was studied.



The company is always contracting with international and Egyptian brands, which is called the size of manufacturing high and the quantity is higher than the price value

The company’s policy is to provide marketing consultancy and procurement services for hotels, owners, restaurants and others.

The company always contracts with brands that speak Class B + to A + in addition to the selection of distinctive sites within the malls or distinctive streets.

The company relies on the purchase of its assets to ensure investment in success and partnership

Company Vision:

Exhibitions: The opening of new exhibitions in the malls, regions and new and modern urban communities. The contracting of new agencies that respect the Egyptian and Arab pendants.

Hotels: Modesty in the supply of hotels and food in all areas



To be one of the best fabrics and fashion providers in the Middle East in providing fantastic solutions to meet our clients’ needs.


Provide variety of Fabrics and Fashion solutions that match the needs of the Middle East market. Using up-to-date methodologies to deliver the best solutions based on our customers’ expectations. Save our different types of customers who are looking for the best services and products we provide.


Very Special has a current specific, and criteria based systems to ensure our customers satisfaction can be met at the end of our projects/deals.

Very Special management team is committed to the finest service possible for our clients.





Competitive Advantage

We maintain an advanced level of industry interaction in the form of fabrics, fashion, etc. With the objective of professionals services to spread innovative and important new work in the textile and fabrics and other fields we work in.


Quality Policy

Our clear and robust internal quality process plays an important role in keeping our operational quality high and stable

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